BPM Watch Design Created by a DJ For Mr. Jones Watches Is Ideal for Musically Inclined

Time is Universal but yet it means different things to different people. Probably this unique relation of Time and individual has inspired Mr. Jones Watches to invite professionals from different walks of life to help create different watch designs. BPM is a watch design created by Tom Middleton who is a DJ and he has created this unique watch which helps music lovers, DJs calculate beats-per-minute for any musical piece. Isn’t it awesome?

Time has intrigued mankind ever since dawn of consciousness, each one of us have an unique concept of Time ingrained in us but it is our profession, way of life which actually defines Time for us. For DJs time is an accurate concept defined by beats of music which set the feel and mood tapping on the dance floor. In this BPM watch three quarters of an hour, 9,12 and 3 are marked with circles which fill with colors as seconds hands move. All that DJs have to do is to count beats till the color fills and white re-appears and multiply the number by four to get beats-per-minute of the particular piece. Even back of the watch which displays basic range of bpms for dance music genres comes to aid of budding DJs.

Overall watch looks stunning and costs $199. Limited edition of only100 BPM watches signed by Mr. Jones and Tom Middleton are available, so DJs do hurry!

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