Waltz Creates Hardware and Software to Offer Consumers an Exciting Shopping Experience

The cutting edge 3D technology is taking the shopping experience to a new level. Waltz, an information technology company in Wuxi, China was founded by Jiang who is the former head of consumer operations and search quality for Google China. They have created both the hardware as well as software that render 3D animation of products, and customize and install its display gadgets for clients.

The way Jiang has visualized the future jewelry store is simply stunning. A prospective customer can simply pick up an iPad packed with images of jewels for her to choose from to make a custom piece. She can flip through them and, with the help of a wireless connection, flick her creation onto an iVIP, a small table fitted with a touch screen. There, she can rotate or enlarge the image. As soon as she sends it to the iVIP, it also automatically emerges on a V-Cube, a triangular display device mounted at eye level next to the table. She can watch the 3D images of her creation on the V-Cube or use the iPad or iVIP to try it on, using an avatar instead of waiting for the real piece to be crafted.

It’s a model that has intrigued Chinese jewelers looking to cut retail-space costs and online jewelry outlets seeking to distinguish themselves. Waltz is a 47 employee company that made a small beginning in 2009. They are expecting revenue of $1.5 million this year but looking at the potential they are targeting for $15 million next year. Wuxi city government has also invested in Waltz as part of its overseas returnee incentive program.

Via: bloomberg

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