Versace Branded Condo in Manila, a First for Designer Apartment in Philippines

Hong Kong and Singapore have seen lately the trend of designer apartments by celebrity architects being received well. For instance, the iliv@Grange, which opened this year in Singapore, boasts design by “yoo inspired by Starck,” an interior-design firm established by French designer Philippe Starck. At “The Westminster Terrace,” a new condo in Hong Kong, interiors feature designs by Singapore-based Japanese architect Koichiro Ikebuchi and London designer and television personality Tara Bernerd.

Manila’s market for high-end real estate lags behind those in some other Asian cities. But the country has enjoyed something of an economic resurgence of late. A developer in the Philippines is hoping for a winner in Manila with the Versace-branded condo. Demand for luxury property there is particularly high right now because many of the wealthier Filipinos, who got burned in the global financial crisis, are looking for ways to diversify their financial holdings into assets such as real estate.

The $68 million Milano Residence, located in Manila’s Century City, is the first in Asia designed and branded by Versace Home. The property will feature Versace furnishings in the lobby and pool area. Versace Home will also provide interior-design suggestions for the 340 units, some of which boast private, indoor wading pools.

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