Traveler’s Collection Website offers Country-based Authentic Handicrafts

In the past one decade a lot of retailers have sprung up who claim to offer anything and everything under one common group. But this isn’t always what we are looking for. You know chocolates are best made in Switzerland and handicrafts in India. You wouldn’t want any of these with an American or some other country brand mark. Somebody just heard you out and unveiled the ultimate armchair shopping experience with

Only a travel enthusiast would know which region is famous for what. This explains the involvement of Jena Gardner, the chief executive of JG Black Book Of Travel with this online shopping portal.  The passionate travel industry veteran has compiled an exhaustive list of handmade products from around the world. This helps the shopper to pick the region or required item which will further direct them towards a page that spills the beans on the local artisan who created it. Also, the page features a tab called “Empowering” which allows the shopper to learn about the artist or the organization working towards empowerment of disadvantaged craftsmen.

The Travelers Collection also bestows an opportunity on the shoppers to earn commission by suggesting ways to expand the product line if you believe you can spot a unique find during your travels. The only flipside is these specialty products will be pinch your pocket but that’s why a part of the proceeds will be donated to Vital Voices, an organization that aims to empower emerging women leaders. So you get to buy a good authentic product and donate for a cause, what could be possibly better than that?!

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