Derry Church Artisan Chocolates from Chef Chocolatier Eric Cayton

Holiday season is sweet literally. It starts with taking a long break from one’s routine and planning a wonderful trip to family/friends around. And time flies with holiday cocktail parties packed up with dessert treats. It is the beauty of this time that is later recalled in our memories bringing smile on our faces. A similar episode happened to us when Chef Cayton sent us samples of Derry church Artisan Chocolates. And this gives me an opportunity to share the feast with you though virtually.

Life is like a box of chocolates… you never know which flavor ticks you on. And this holds true if you have a box of handmade chocolates from Derry church. Derry church chocolates are high-end hand produced French chocolates. What adds class to their collection is:   Human touch plus organic cream and butter from a dairy farm.

Chef Eric Cayton like Milton Hershey was also born in Hershey, PA with madness for chocolates. From the very young age Chef Eric has captivation for chocolates and why not he was born in the same town which is synonymous to chocolates and his idol Milton Hershey left so much for him to inspire from. By the age of 21, Chef Eric was a self taught chef who later by 1996 become a trained chef and started Cayton’s Catering.

I was sent two boxes of chocolates, each having 6 chocolates, all one of a kind.

Montego Bay: Inspired by Jamaica, the montego bay bon bon has coconut, caramel and rum with raisin to add more sweetness. All ingredients are bought together into European milk chocolate with bittersweet cocoa butter.

County Kildare: Inspired by County Kildare this bon bon features cinnamon stick roasted walnut and grounded oats with creamy texture. I am sure you would be carries away both by its taste and the presentation.

Paris: Sophisticated French culinary made from home made strawberry jam and French white chocolate butter cream. Casted in the dark chocolate it’s frivolously filled with taste of cream chocolate and strawberry jam to melt slowly in your mouth.

Savannah: Ever thought of chocolate outside and fruit inside? Yes its savannah for you. Fresh ripe peaches for you in the form of puree raped in the chocolate cup topped with white chocolate, brown sugar  and toasted oats.

Palermo: This bon bon gives you spark of the squeezed lemon reduction added to European while chocolate. Molded in the bittersweet chocolate and presented with roasted sliced almond. It has its own sour, yet fruity taste

San Francisco: If you have this one of a kind ganache you are gonna taste pureed fig, crushed roasted walnuts and European bittersweet chocolate ganache. Its dark, it’s bitter …it’s like a coffee. If you have one, you want one.

Here I give you a signal to ink a deal with Chef Cayton and offer dessert-y gifts to your loved ones this holiday season.

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