Henshaw Inflatables Popularize Superyacht Merchandise

Superyachts have almost become regular luxury commodities just like jewels and luxury sedans. Even the nouveau riches have begun to purchase yachts that not only are luxurious but also sea worthy. With the growing trend of buying luxury superyachts, many companies have begun to launch accessories and products directed and targeted at the yacht owners.

One such company is the Henshaw Inflatables. They have launched the Sea Pool MKII and the new Inflatable Jet Ski Dock which could prove to be pretty popular among superyacht owners. The Sea Pool MKII allows 6 people to swim in an enclosed environment right in the middle of the sea. Thus, you need not be afraid of drifting away into the deep and endless sea.

The Inflatable Jet Ski Dock allows superyacht owners to dock their jet skis so that they can engage in watersports. It is made depending on what the customer asks for, and thus is wholly customized. These products might indicate that the luxury superyacht accessories and merchandize market is growing, and would soon be a booming industry. If you own a yacht, you know what you should be doing right now!

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