‘Universe’: World’s Most Expensive Carpet

This carpet would definitely put shame Aladdin’s magic carpet. I mean the carpet is made out of 24 karat gold! Called the ‘Universe’, this carpet now holds the distinction of being the most expensive carpet in the world. It displays 200 animals, the moon, the sun and symbols of the 12 months using 50 different colours. This carpet was made by three master weavers and took over four and a half years to complete.

It was showcased at the 9th International Furniture and Design Exhibition (INFDEX 2010) at the Doha Exhibition Centre in Qatar. The carpet costs a whopping $3.2 million and has been made by Loom Art, the company which had also brought out the world’s biggest carpet. Talking about this expensive carpet, Bülent Durmaz, manager of LoomArt said: “Another reason why this carpet is very expensive is that this is the only carpet in the world that has been completed with 17,800,000 double knots, and any carpet dealer who looks at this will be surprised of the knots.”

He also added that putting gold into the weaving process reduces the chances of its completion to a meagre 20 percent. “If you commit any mistake, there’s no chance you can recover your expenses.”This carpet will now be showcased in UAE, US, Italy and Japan.

Via: Qatarqlick

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  • Sorry, but this is not the most expensive carpet in the world.

    The Pearl Carpet of Beroda sold for $5.5 million at Sothebys in March 2009.

  • Such a unique carpet to be woven in all gold! Thank you for sharing, we certainly are going to keep a careful eye out for your posts regarding expensive rugs.

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