Exclusive Resorts Offers Extra Goodies this Holiday Season

Being members of Exclusive Resorts makes travelling so much better. They have a team of travel planners who know exactly what you want in a trip and plan one out for you, onsite concierge service available 24×7 who can tell you about the local places of interests, thus making your trip more special, and housekeepers who work their magic to make things so very convenient for you.

This holiday season, Exclusive Resorts is offering an array of services like private chefs, spa treatments, customized excursions, tee times, and more in the form of a $10,000 gift card to those who join before December 15, 2010. The fact that the company has a customer satisfaction score of more than 90 percent goes to show how great these people are. These guys have also managed to tide over the recession, which many of its competitors such as Ultimate Escapes could not.

They however, have had to cut back on their expenses, but the quality is not really compromised. It is not the cheapest service you will find, and is definitely aimed at the more well to do families and individuals. But if you do have the bucks and love to travel, the joining Exclusive Resorts would definitely be a great idea.

Via: Demeure , Quintess

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