Here’s what Karl Lagerfeld REALLY thinks!

At the International Herald Tribune’s ‘Luxury Heritage’ conference this week, Karl Lagerfeld, who joined  Coco Chanel in 1983 and is today one of the most celebrated fashion designers in the world discussed what he really thought about quite a many things with Suzy Menkes, the IHT’s fashion editor who hosted the conference.

On being asked what he thought Coco was like, he said that he had met older men who thought that she was charming; that she not a feminist or a dyke, hated women and was only for men. Also that she liked models that looked like what she thought she looked like when she was young. As far as money was concerned, he was of the opinion that money makes money and he said that he was good with people who invested it. The price of couture doesn’t bother him, he said because other people make a living out of it. On the past he felt that everyone likes to respect it, but that if it was too much like a funeral parlor then we would all want to get away and on the future that he thinks and lives only for the moment.

It doesn’t end here. Lagerfeld has spoken about his opinion on many things in the most frank manner. If you love him and his designs, go read the whole thing!

Via: Fashion Telegraph

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