Original Moonshine: The Only Post-prohibition Era Hooch

If you were looking for a great bottle of whiskey that is not only one of the classiest, but also one f the best in the market, you should read on. The Original Moonshine is one of those whiskies that is an 80 proof liquor. In the first place, anybody would love the bottle with its finger loop handle to hold and multiplication mark which more or less looks like a beautiful jar having an emblem of a howling wolf.

There is no fear of landing in trouble with the law, if you are in possession of the brand The Original Moonshine. It is an 80 proofs clear corn whisky which is handcrafted, distilled four times using the only Prohibition-era copper pot. If you mix it with pure water, you get the desired flavour or can be mixed with fruit which is acidic in nature.

The charcoal filtered, whisky with ice cubes in a jar mixes well to form a soft texture, and can be sipped in a relaxed mood. The Original Moonshine comes with the old process of making whiskey, of yester generations. The drink is totally natural and gluten free.

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