La Biblioteca is the Library of Tequilas With Lockers for the Spirit

La Bibliotheca, literally translated means the library. But what we are talking about here is not the traditional library with books. La Biblioteca has shelves filled with over 400 different tequilas and run by a sexy librarian who wants to teach you a lesson… about the subtle nuances of aged agave (and how to make your own margaritas). Like the traditional library this one also offers you an opportunity to learn and grants you access to rare and one of its kind not books but tequilas.

La Bibliotheca also offers lockers for the safekeeping of your prized bottle. Depends on how possessive you are about your tequilas. Let’s face it; there are people who would go to any length to guard their precious bottles of tequila. They’ve also been known to fly in master tequila distillers for clandestine tasting events.

Perks operates La Bibliotheca and they are convinced that your continued education is of the utmost importance. If you want to become a member you have to pay$125 that gives you access to a locker for your bottle and you get two free tickets to a “Meet the Maker” tequila tasting. What are you thinking; go get your VIP library card today.

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