Virtual Club NEVERDIE Of The Entropia Universe Now Sold For $335,000

Nowadays, one of the most thrilling and exciting environments of all is the virtual world, where a user or a player can practically create a Utopia or annihilate everything in existence without ever having to worry about the consequences in real life, as there are none. Now, one of the biggest and foremost virtual worlds, Entropia Universe, is now the place where the world’s most expensive virtual item has been sold. Club NEVERDIE, a part of the planet Calypso, which in turn is part of the entire Entropian planet has been bought by John Foma Kalu, an Entropian user, who goes by the name of ‘pesok’ for a whopping $335,000.

Entropia Universe is one of a kind online virtual community, where in players are able to interact socially, create and run businesses and even though the entire platform is virtual yet the transactions done in the Entropia Universe are based entirely on the real world economy, i.e in real Dollars. Club NEVERDIE was originally purchased by John “NeverDie” Jacobs in the year 2005 for $100,000 and the as per the theme of this awesome virtual community, Club NEVERDIE is located on an asteroid, that orbits around planet Calypso. This recent purchase of Club NEVERDIE has even surpassed the purchase of Crystal Palace Space Station, a space station in the orbit of Calypso, that was bought in the year 2009 for $330,000, thus making this transaction the most expensive virtual item sale in the world.

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