Internet Blogs Can Prove To Be A Very Helpful Friend To The Luxury Industry

Blogosphere, a term coined for all the Internet based blogs and their connections has in the last five years, witnessed a great deal of evolution in terms of their importance and their role in consumer decision making. No longer are blogs seen as an individual’s journal, instead, current generation blogs are believed to be unbiased and informative opinions of experts and other users who wish to enlighten the public at large about thousands of products and services. As per experts, the luxury industry should concentrate on creating deeper relations with industry bloggers, as consumers of the 21st century are more reliant on information they receive from blogs, than through the traditional means of advertising.

In Technorati’s 2010 State of the Blogosphere report, it has been found that, nearly 46% of the consumer base put their faith in blogs more than conventional media and in the last five year, this trend has picked up a phenomenal pace. Luxury products, that tend to be quite expensive now need to be promoted through the eyes of a professional blogger, instead of the regular media, as nearly 39% of all consumers believe that, blogs are a better source of information in the digital age. The primary reason for this increase in faith in blogs is the unbiased and critical opinions put for by the writers, who aren’t afraid of criticizing a product they don’t like and would gladly promote another that fits their criterion. As per the Technorati report, nearly one of three bloggers would at any given time completely boycott a product and out of these, some 20% will even provide the readers with the reasons for their disagreement with the products, while urging the users to do the same.

According to Imran Amed (Founder, The Business of Fashion)

“My specific advice would be to identify bloggers and content creators who are genuinely passionate about what your brand is trying to do. Build real relationships with them, so they can offer something unique to their readership.”

Via Luxury Daily

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