Not all Garages Have Just Cobwebs, Proves New TV Series Auction Hunters

Yes, you read that right. What you thought contained only storage units, might actually contain treasure if you are lucky.

Spike TV’s brand new unscripted series ‘Auction Hunters’ premiering on 9th November at 10 pm is all about Clinton ‘Ton’ Jones and Allen Haff, famous prospectors in the business of auctioning, using their powers of sniffing out treasures to lay their hands on abandoned storage units and selling the treasures that lie within to make killing profits.

Apparently, more than ten thousand abandoned storage units are put up for auctioning in the United States of America every single day. You never know what you might find in one – a Picasso, rare coins, vintage comics, or maybe just trash and dust. In the premiere episode of Auction Hunters, Clinton Jones and Allen Haff bid in Los Angeles and get hold of a 1970’s H&K P7 pistol and a 1910 copper cash register each.

Think twice before you pass by a garage sale now and catch the premiere of Auction Hunters to find out what treasures these hunters bid for next!

Via: Spike

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