Ahimsa Milk: Milk From Cows Leading a Tension-Free Lifestyle

We have heard of Kobe beef, which is beef from cows that lead a tension-free comfortable lifestyle. Then I even heard that cows who lead a tension free life give better milk (some stuff about hormone excretion and all). Anyway, so there is this new product called Ahimsa Milk and is basically milk from the slaughter free dairies in England.

This milk is specially targeted for the Hindus who revere the cow. These cows are milked twice a day in a shed where Sanskrit prayers are played on a loud speaker. The cows are even given a massage while being milked in case they get stressed out. This special milk will cost you £3 for a liter and will be sold in stores in Harrow, London, where a very large Hindu community resides. There are also talks of a wider distribution as well.

The Ahimsa Group is a part of the Lotus Trust, which is an agency focussing on education, relief and development. The dairy has 44 cows but is going to expand due to the growing demand. Each has its own place in the community and are free to roam about in the spacious pens and the adjoining grassy fields.

Via: Telegraph

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