Luxury Hotel, Wynn Las Vegas Announces The Opening Of Lakeside Grill Restaurant

One of the most exquisite and high end luxury hotels in U.S, Wynn Las Vegas has now announced the opening of an all new restaurant called, Lakeside Grill, that will provide the guests with exquisite cuisines and a breathtaking view of  Lake of Dreams. The Lakeside Grill is being operated under the supervision of the Executive Chef, David Walzog, who is renowned for his taste spin on American dishes. With Lakeside Grill, Mr. Walzog has claimed his second restaurant at the Wynn Las Vegas and he is also  quite famous for being the man behind the hotel’s incredibly popular steakhouse, SW.

The Lakeside Grill will offer its guests some of the most mouth watering and eclectic dishes, that have dominated the American cuisine menus, yet with an added personal touch by Mr. Walzog himself. The appetizers served at this swanky new restaurant will include soups, salads and hot & chilled shellfish. Next in the line are the entrees, that will include various kinds of pastas and pizzas, including Tomato Pizza with San Marzano tomato sauce, pecorino and basil and Butternut Squash Agnolotti with sage brown butter. Also, the main course at the Lakeside Grill will be composed of grilled, oven roasted, poached, braised and charbroiled dishes.

For dessert, the Lakeside Grill as employed the expertise of Executive Pastry Chef Kimberly Valdez, who will entice the guests with desserts served on ‘dim sum’ carts and the desserts will mostly be constituted of nuts, chocolate, fruits and cream.

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