Wuyuan Bay in Xiamen Sees the Arrival of Luxury Yacht Horizon EP

China isn’t exactly the place where luxury yachts could have been imagined a decade ago. However, now it is the place where you would find the most expensive, and the most luxurious yachts ever built in a shipyard. This time around, the 105’ Horizon EP sailed into the Wuyuan Bay in Xiamen.

It is one of the top 10 luxury yachts in the entire globe and it comes with four-storeys. It measures 32 meters and looks like a sea villa. The yacht comes with a splendid dining room that can hold up to 10 people and the living room can seat 20 people. There is also a huge massage bathtub and it can have 6 people simultaneously.

The yacht costs 108 million Yuan and that is something that you could never afford unless you are a millionaire yourself. The luxurious Horizon yacht series could just be what the Chinese agents might be looking for. It could serve as a great marketing gimmick too, and attract investors from around the world. Though there is a huge potential for foreign investment in China, most people from the west are still intimidated by its secrecy.

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