Little Palm Island Resort & Spa Offers Ostentatious Picnics for $2,700

If you thought picnics were low key and family oriented outings, think twice. Here is some news that picnics could actually get stupendously expensive and luxurious. Little Palm Island Resort & Spa in the Florida Keys offers its guests to be flown on a plane to a private island and have an amazing gourmet lunch served to them.

The picnic lasts for about 3 hours and would set you back by $2,700. It includes the airfare, food and the service. The menu includes champagne, charcuterie and other tasty stuff. If you would like the picnic to be one of those special moments, you could get Photographers, videographers and musical entertainment as and when you want.

The chef of the hotel Luis Pous also offers to come home if you are not interested to go outside, and design a menu for you. The visit would cost you $10,000 and does not include the travel or food costs. If you would like to get poor as soon as possible, you could try and have these picnics and home chef visits often. I am sure it could be a great way to get rid of all the money you have in your bank account.

Via: Fox Business

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