Gibson Uses Robotic technology in Firebrand X Guitars

It has always been a war between the conservatives and the liberals. Likewise, it has been a war between traditionalists and the revisionists. Now, guitar lovers are a tough lot and they cannot be pleased with new technologies. They seem to negate all kinds of new technologies and rely upon the good old strings and the wooden box that is called the guitar.

Several companies have tried to use robotic technology but have not been able to please the traditional guitar players. Gibson has already tried many times to introduce robotic technology and this time around, their Firebrand X not only looks amazing, but also comes with robo-tuning head, built in effects like modulation, echo, reverb, compression, EQ, and distortion.

The guitar would cost a stupendous $5,500 but it is going to be worth every single penny. So go ahead, and try to get the Firebrand X if you are not a traditionalist and would like your robot to tune the guitar for you. I am sure even the traditionalists one day will ruefully look at the new instruments and wish they had changed.

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