Get a Free Personalized Suit to Match The Style of Your Bentley

Now if it would have been some ordinary brand then maybe a suit for free with the purchase would have added to the incentive. But I don’t think that one needs any incentive to buy a Bentley car. All you need if the money, which alas most of us don’t. But the company has anyway gone ahead and teamed up with Astor & Black to provide the buyers with an awesome suit.

This way your dress will match the sophistication of your car. By the way if you don’t know who Astor & Black are then let me enlighten you. The company provides bespoke suits that aren’t all too expensive but their range goes up very very high as well. These guys were even responsible for dressing Esquire‘s “best dressed real man” Angel Ramos. Their more expensive suits are made with the best fabrics one can find and include a lot of personalized options.

Suits from this line will be given to the new Bnetley owners in the United States and Canada. They will also get a shirt and handmade tie to match the suit. All these will be made according to the customer’s specifications. Well I guess these rich people get everything huh. Sigh.

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