Zip Bed Allows You to Hide the Previous Night’s Follies in the Morning!

Without bothering to make your bed in the morning, you can sip your tea peacefully as a designer has solved this age-old problem of having to set the bed right after waking up. Italy based Florida Furniture has launched an ultramodern zip bed that almost covers up for your morning follies and makes your bedroom look neat and tidy.

The outer cover can be unzipped while going to bed at night, in the morning, it can be zipped back covering crumpled uncouth mess of bed sheets. It is really a very handy product for when friends, relatives, and uninvited guests suddenly land up we need not curse them for spoiling our mood. We can face the situation boldly as we keep ourselves and our surroundings neat and presentable.

The creative genius of the designer has helped each and everyone from zipping up the mess. The Zip Bed with its Zip open, reveals a world of pillows, sheets, comfortable cosy, cool bed.  It has curved padded and rounded lines around the bed. You may select in 13 interior and 3 exterior colours. Anybody would be love to possess such a cool bed! It is available in grey, blue or white colours. So go ahead, and get the Zip Bed to resolve morning blues!

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