Spaceport in New Mexico Gets a Functional “Spaceway”

If you have always dreamed of flying into the space, the prospects may not be too far. We had already discussed how Richard Branson wants to commercialize space travel. Now, the idea seems to be getting a bit closer to reality.

Spaceport America has now got a two-mile long “Governor Bill Richardson Spaceway”. Governor Bill Richardson, Sir Richard Branson and future astronauts were at the glitzy event that heralded human travel into space, in a commercial sense of the term. While it is not clear how much it might cost to fly into the space, it is also not clear what one needs to do in order to be able to qualify for the trips, as there are a few criteria.

You could read the detailed article on Virgin Atlantic site, and look for further information. The Spaceport is located in New Mexico, amidst the barren deserts and sandy landscapes, which already looks like a Martian landscape. Perhaps, if you can’t afford to travel into space, you could just visit the Spaceport and feel like you have landed on a different planet.

Via: Reuters

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