Golden Loo Brush Fit for a Rock Star Is Kind Gross

If you thought you had it all, you should have only thought of a golden brush to clean your can. Now, why would anybody be interested in getting a golden brush inside the can? Well, perhaps to clean oneself after receiving a golden shower? The thought is enough to keep you away from products like this.

Nevertheless, it does seem quite luxurious and indulging to buy a brush that comes with 24 carat gold plated all over it. Moreover, it doesn’t cost a million either. At about $575, it is not only affordable but also a great way to describe your preferences to those who visit your can, if you know what I mean. It is manufactured in Spain by Windisch. It would never corrode, tarnish or pit.

The Rock Star toilet brush holder could be bought from a West Palm Beach retailer. The retailer is located in Florida and is called Pioneer Linens. For a minute I shall have to stop and think, for a golden brush to clean your loo isn’t exactly what luxury is all about. Though I appreciate the idea of bringing some bling to the bathroom, the idea is not only gross, but also makes me think twice before using gold.

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