Nirvana Singapore Offers a 6-Star Resting Place for the Dead

Nirvana Singapore is the self proclaimed “six star” columbarium and a modern version of honoring the dead.  During the ceremony, recorded deep voice says that it would live through the decedents’ image and always remember them. Green and red laser beams, from the foreheads of 33 feet Buddha, shot out along with soothing chants and music played, where the ashes containing urn is placed on a revolving lotus shaped pedestal. Check-in ceremony also conducted in small scale by the company in Vietnam, Indonesia, and Cambodia.

Phang Siang Yang says that the place is more for the living than dead people. Thus it is intended to encourage people from the next gen to visit the deceased without peacefully. There is a giant Buddha statue plated in gold, as you enter the centre of the lobby. Cream colored leather sofas are placed having in the mind the positions of objects would affect directly affect the fortune as per the Chinese belief. Inside the complex, there are air-conditioned suites with ancestral tablets containing the ashes of the departed, and also Buddha statues.  As the magnetic card is swiped, the door will be opened with soft warm glow of lights.

The services are not cheap, and a royal suite and economy suite would cost $167,380 and $2,880 respectively. Marketing manager says, revenues stand at about 1.5 dollars per month. Phang is hoping that with a low birth rate, the aging population of Singapore rise about 20 percent by 2030. He is interested in promoting Nirvana Singapore as a tourist attraction.

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