Handmade Swarovski Crystals Bowl for Your Dog Is Obnoxious

If you are mad enough to get expensive products such as luxury pillow, bed, and accessories, diamond studded belts, designers’ apparel to get your pet’s attention, read on. This holiday season, the perfect item to gift your pet doggy could be a unique handmade Swarovski Crystals bowl. BB Simons, has unveiled their blingy bowl! Even though it eats in any pan the pet has every right to have its dinner in a classy style with studded bowl showing how precious they really are!

An established brand in the fashion world of the haute couture, BB Simon has distinct, versatile and unique collections.  Characteristic handmade dog collars, accessories with Swarovski crystals and other BB Simon products will leave you spoiled for choice.  They are great trend setters with unmatched design quality and a fusion of the classic past and an ultra-modern present.

One more collection for the pampered pet is a handmade studded bowl with Swarovski crystals. This brightly, brilliantly shining bowl has been introduced by BB Simon recently. The steel bowl comes with intricately and beautifully fit crystals. The bowl costs $1,376.

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