BB Royal Anti Ageing serum Sounds like Something Out of a Jewellery Store

I have lost count of the number of products that claim to stop the ageing process. Do they work? I really doubt it. But women all over the world continue to buy them nonetheless. The range of these anti-ageing products are also pretty great. For the rich the range obviously is not an issue. So they can buy those products that claim to be very rare, out of some unheard of jungle or some exotic sounding herb.

BB Royal Cosmetic Manufacture has brought something targeting the uber rich. Called BB Royal, this anti ageing solution has ingredients that sound more like a jewellery store rather than a cream. This concoction consists of 23-carat gold leaf, diamonds, and pearls apart from the special plant based-materials that are is mixed into the Derma Cellular Structure, which is some company gibberish. If the ingredients weren’t opulent enough, the packaging does not stay behind.

As you can see, the bottles are cylindrical in shape and have around 5,000 hand-picked Swarovski crystals encrusted all over. There are bottles for each part namely, brow, face, legs, body. Well, with all that info I guess those with the big bucks could try this one out. If it doesn’t make you look younger, it just might make your skin sparkle with all that gold and diamonds.

Via: MillionaireFair

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