Museum for Contemporary Art in Berlin Has Mushroom shaped Flying Beds!

Soma was an ancient drink that was consumed by the Indians of the Vedic period. It was supposed to be this magical that infused the drinker with great vigour, and was even capable of sending to the human to higher levels of consciousness. It has remained a mystery to modern man exactly which plant this Soma drink was made up of. Though many hypotheses have come up, the one most widely accepted is that of the fly agaric mushrooms.

Taking inspiration from the Soma, the Museum for Contemporary Art in Berlin in its own way wants the people to experience a night of what it might feel like to have the drink in our veins. The museum wont actually give us the drink, but a chance to sleep in beds that resemble the fly agaric mushroom. It has created a hotel room with mushroom shaped floating beds. I don’t know about the whole spiritual and healing experience, but I am sure it will surely make you feel like you are on the sets of ‘Honey I Shrunk The Kids’.

Apart from this, the Museum will also invite artist and creator Carsten Hoeller who will talk about ways of attaining enlightenment and the role  that science and myth plays in our society. This exhibition will go on from November 5th till February 6th. The cost per night will be $1400.

Via: Reuters , hamburgerbahnhof

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