$7,000 Classic Bespoke luxury laptop line from Munk Bogballe for Rich Nerds…Whistles!!!!

The historical roots of “Bespoke” initiative came from tailored clothing and shirts, which slowly ventured into hospitality and now ruling the minds of the nerd. What would a rich nerd possess or demand? Inking deals with gadgets/accessories of his taste, his choice of color, his selection of dimensions…..something that describes his personality. It is here that he chooses not to compromise and thinks of Munk Bogballe.

Yes, the very mention of the big man “Munk Bogballe” sends waves about spilling dough, digging a big hole in your pocket but in return owing a priceless possession. Whilst 2.5 years ago Munk unveiled the most expensive MacBook of all time, today the creative mind has its Classic Bespoke collection of laptops to win the hearts and minds of nerds with a taste of luxury.

Munk plans to showcase the bespoke collection of laptops at the Millionaire Fair in Moscow. Well, he is all set to generate a true value of a base price of €5,200 ($7,180). The amount can buy you a 5.1 pound slab of aluminum, twanged with verdant leather, a mahogany screen frame, a layer of freshwater pearl on / off button and heaps of gold. It also boasts a single line of diamonds, seemingly for grasping out six to ten more frames per second in Portal.

Well, from him you can expect the best of bespoke and may not get the most updated in technology as the standard configuration details from a Core i5 processor, 4GB of RAM and a paltry 500GB hard drive. But the package is complemented with an SSD, ostrich leather or an 18 carat gold power button, to give you that “extra” edge.

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