Museum of Contemporary Art (MoCA) in Shanghai to Celebrate Chanel in an Exhibition Next Winter

In the winter of 2011, The Museum of Contemporary Art (MoCA) in Shanghai will hold an exhibition titled Culture Chanel, to celebrate the iconic fashion brand. This exhibition will trace the inspirations behind the memorable designs of this French fashion house. The precise date for this event is January 15 to March 14. Culture Chanel will be curated by Jean-Louis Froment, a French art director and critic, and will see almost 400 items of clothing, artwork, films and manuscripts.

It will cover the whole period right from its origins credited to Gabrielle Chanel, and will focus on her standing in Parisian literary and artistic circles, and friendship with icons such as Jean Cocteau and Pablo Picasso. N 2008, MoCA held the “Salvatore Ferragamo’s Evolving Legend 1928-2008,” celebrating the 80th anniversary of the Italian fashion house.

Shanghai has been dubbed as “The Paris of the East” and luxury brands have been trying various methods to improve their standing in this ever growing market. A sense of this thriving market is given by the 2008 statistics according to which, mainland China recorded a sale of 8.6 billion dollars worth of luxury goods. And if estimates of consulting firm PriceWaterhouseCoopers are to be believed, China will become world’s top buyer of luxury goods by 2015.

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