Coach is the Dominant Player on the Web in the Luxury Segment

Luxury labels are not very comfortable in the web world. The recessionary pressures of the recent past have put pressure on them to find alternative channels to retain and grow their sales. No one doubts the fact that the web is the fastest growing channel for retail. There have been several studies and surveys done recently to determine the position of Luxury labels in the online market. It generally reiterates the known fact.

A recent study of the amount of web traffic driven by 20 luxury labels placed Coach ahead of the pack, with 39 percent of total online market share. Luxury Daily, a luxury marketing news site distorted the facts while reporting on the study and projected Gucci and Burberry as the leaders in the online space. We don’t hold a brief for Coach but would like to set the record straight.

The story by Luxury Daily on the subject reveals some interesting facts. For one, luxury brands don’t utilize paid search. Most of them are even reluctant to run promotions on their Facebook page, preferring to go the traditional route. The luxury brands must change their mindset and learn to utilize the internet optimally as it moves towards becoming the most important channel for sale.

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