18-inch South Sea Pearl Necklace Dazzles Jewellery Lovers

The idea of the South Seas would bring to our mind images of sun, sand and frolicking bathing beauties. The southern Pacific Islands are known for their remarkable beauty and also a sort of idyllic life that you could never get anywhere in the world. The Islands are also known for their pearls, and these pears are some of the most expensive in the world.

An 18-inch South Sea Pearl Necklace is being sold at the Pearl Paradise website, where you could find other pearl jewellery too. The one in the question is one of the arrest in the market and comes at a cost of $42,000. It comes with AA+ quality golf ball-sized pearls and it is also one of the largest pearls that is produced today.

These pearls are found in Pinctada Maxima pearl oyster found off the coast of Australia. The pearls are knotted on a silk string and will not break with normal use. There is also a 14k clasp which you could choose. At $42,000, it must be one of the most expensive pearl pieces of jewellery ever created. It could be worn on a lovely evening where you would get to interact with the movers and shakers of the world.

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