WIT Ideas Lab discusses the emerging image of luxury

What is the new image of luxury? Well, at WIT Ideas Lab, Paul Kerr, CEO of Small Luxury Hotels of the World, Brian Yim, the  Editor of Millionaire Asia, Andrew Dixon, the Owner of Nikoi Island & Bawah Island, Indonesia and Kevin May, the Editor of TNooz together discussed this with Siew Hoon. The first trend is attached to the other burgeoning trend of going green. Nikoi Island, a private island in Indonesia, targets the rich and green traveller. And going by its almost 100mpercent occupancy, one feels that this seems to be a very important new image of luxury.

The role of the internet is another trend that has been catching on for quite some time now. For Small Luxury Hotels of the World, almost 25 percent of their bookings were mad online. This seems to be a pretty major chunk and indicative of a trend that is here to stay and grow further.

Kevin May form TNooz believes that the travelers today go on the internet to search for various options and with a wide range of information at the click of a mouse, they have become so much more discerning and demanding. But whatever people say, luxury hasent as yet materialized into a particular set picture, and I don’t think it ever will.

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