MacBookAir May Herald a New Beginning for Laptop Consumers

After the success of both iPhone and iPod, Steve Jobs has introduced MacBookAir the latest laptop at the Apple headquarters on Wednesday. The technological knowhow, and the vast experience has resulted in a brand new and much thinner model. This simplified and redesigned, MacBook Air has been the talk of the town and it also has been announced that it would be the future of all laptops.

The delicate and cute laptop comes in two sizes. One model of 13.3 inches screen, 2.9 pounds with 256 GB of storage which would cost 1,349 pounds. The other model with 11-inch screen, having 64 GB memory would be priced at 899 pounds. Batteries run for quite a long time.

With an amazing multi-touch pad and a great flash memory, you could save the loss of costly. These flash storages are cooler as they do not have moving parts, whereas hard drives which rotate when writing and reading generate lot of heat.  As there is no bumping in the flash storage, there are fewer chances of losing data. With its chic looks and stylish cuts, this could be a great choice!

Via: CNN

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