Boyd Lighting Unveils 24ct Yellow Gold Leaf Finish Sconce Lighting

Lighting accessories have the ability to turn any ordinary room into a work of art. The Sconce lighting by Boyd Lighting is a magnificent home décor accessory that gleams with 32 asymmetrical rods of steel. Playful crystal spheres lay atop these rods and hallowed lamps or Led can be fixed for both downward and upward backlit.

This piece of Sconce Lighting is fashioned by designer Fisher Weisman and is available in a choice of two finishing namely, 24ct yellow gold leaf finish and white gold leaf finish. Sconce is an interesting modern light fixture which is often used in hallways or corridors to serve the purpose of both lighting and also a point of attraction in a long passage. Usually their light is directed upward but Boyd Lighting did something unconventional by directing the light both downwards and upwards.

I have tried to dig in a word on its pricing but haven’t had any luck so far. The makers here are Boyd lighting who have created a niche for themselves when it cmes to exquisite lighting solutions for outstanding interiors and exteriors. If you’re interested in this decorative piece, I suggest you contact the folks via email.

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