SICIS Releases Bathtub Designed as a Shoe With Floral Designs

If I tell you that a bathtub designed as a shoe will look awesome, you will not agree. You don’t see the connection between a bathtub and a shoe until you see the bathtub designs released by SICIS. It is luxurious, it is artistic and a statement on modern bathroom interior. The unusual and unique bathtubs have been created in different floral designs and different colors.

The creative mastermind behind these exclusive designs is the famous Italian designer Massimiliano Della Monaca. His creation was presented and displayed at the Salone Del Mobile in Milan. The capacity to imagine a shoe as a bathtub can come out of a very fertile and creative mind. Massimiliano Della Monaca has proved with this work that his place in the designer community is right up there.

SICIS has taken good care of the production side and done full justice to the awesome design. The shape and the contours of the tub are perfect. The exterior floral designs have been created through the use of beautiful mosaic tiles. It enhances the beauty of the tub manifold. It is simply a work of art and not another bathroom fixture. Shoe lovers will have another reason to like it more.

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