October Issue of WSJ Tells You How to Buy Luxury Goods

There have been people talking about passion investment, rather the return of passion investment. There are so many indications that the recessionary phase is behind us. The sentiment of the market is that of a cautious optimism. Even the Wall Street Journal in its luxury lifestyle magazine WSJ has published in its October issue a guide on how to acquire luxury goods.

The article on How to Buy looks at passion investment across several broad categories. The article has advice related to acquisition of rare wines, estate jewelry, investment handbags and many more. The article takes wider look on life style and talks about why it is a buyer’s market for helicopters. The article is not restricted to investment but even offers tips on how to get the safest facelift should you be in the market for a little nip/tuck. Their final advice to them is, be sure to tip your nurse.

Coming from the Wall Street Journal stable, this article provides another indication that the upturn or the rebound is on. The rich are ready to open up their wallets and put the recession behind them. If you can create products and opportunity for spending big bucks they will take it up gladly.

Via: magazine.wsj

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