Trash Can with Multi-sense Is the New Rage!

If you always wanted a trash can that listened to your words, and opened and closed its lids as and when you wanted automatically, read on!  Its touch free technology with sensor adapts to our needs. This rectangular 17 x 12 x 25-inch stainless steel body is elegant, and neat to look at. If you want the lid being opened for 3 seconds to empty our waste from the plate or vessel, it will be kept open for 30 seconds.    The lid will be automatically opened to finish our longer chores.

By auto clutch system, slamming over, stuffing extra load, etc., disengages the motor to prevent damage. You could choose between power supply through the batteries or the plug, and the power adapter can be used for the purpose. The batteries can be changed easily which will run for one year.

Natural charcoal filter is integrated in the lid to neutralize odours. Nylon discs under the can help to slide smoothly on the floors.  Durable plastic inner bucket, robust motor, strong hinge, refined and tested components are used to manufacture these amazing trash cans, and they are tested completely.

Via: Simple Human

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