Swiss Farmhouses Go Modern, Thanks to FOVEA

A new architectural design by FOVEA reveals amazing farmhouses set in the picturesque Swiss countryside provides modern and luxurious features. The Crooked House has been built by the architects of FOVEA and has two floors.  The rectangled ground floor looks spacious and the upper angular floor has an inclination of 40 degrees.  The idea was to protect the inhabitants’ privacy and also that of neighbours who can avoid the activities next door.

Huge windows allow natural sunlight inside   the house and the space in front of the house can be used for dining and recreational purposes. The adjoining outdoor- space can be used for relaxing and to smell the crisp Swiss mountain air. The countryside provides a calming effect to the body and soul, and the farmhouse serves as a health resort.

A painted plank of pine gives the house natural look along with the surrounding greenery.  The south facing house has rooms painted in light colours which reflect natural light. The ceilings made of wood protect from extreme temperatures and you can rest assured that the wood that is used is eco friendly.

Via: IB Times

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