Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin Create Almost Invisible Helmets

Designers Anna Haupt  and Terese Alstin have created the “Hovding (Chieftain)”,  which is a helmet which can be used as a protection to riders head while riding bicycles helps prevent cerebral injuries that may occur during accidents. The helmets come with invisible airbags that inflate only upon collision.

Interestingly, they don’t even look like helmets, and are not worn around the head!  Hovding was designed so tactfully that it carries a hidden air bag which is visible only during any a collision.  The cyclist also has to wear hood around his neck which protects him by covering his head in case of an accident. This release mechanism controlled by a sensor registers abnormal movement of the rider during the impact of the accident.

The shell of the collar is replaceable by different style and fabrics which means, you could customize the helmet to suit your style. The idea of developing this unique helmet occurred during the designers’ degree project.  It is not clear if this concept would ever materialize as a product, and if it does one can’t say if it is going to be expensive. It sure would be a great way to stay fashionable, and also protect one’s head and neck in times of an accident.

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