Teaser Sheet of The Bride of Frankenstein Surfaces to Celebrate its 75th Year

The Bride of Frankenstein, when released, was considered the greatest horror films of all times. It proved to be the crowning achievement of the director James Whale. The film worked in its totality. The casting was perfect. The makeup work by Jack Pierce was extraordinary. The art direction, the camera work even the musical score by Franz Waxman was above par. This timeless classic was selected in 1998 to be part of the National Film Registry, Library of Congress.

The promotional work for the film was also brilliant. Three one sheet designs were produced for in-theatre promotion. This is the only Teaser available and has a powerful image. The printing in cherry red and the shocking image of The Monster in torn, burned clothing, shackled and chained to a heavy chair with rays of energy and light bursting behind, it simply does not get any better.

The tagline “I demand a mate” must have been provocative for its time. This dramatic sheet from perhaps the greatest horror film of all time, is celebrating its 75th Anniversary this year. This is the only teaser to have surfaced after such a long time and it’s very likely there will never be another.

Via: movieposters.ha, artdaily

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