Nostalgic About Yo-Yo? Nostalgia Yo-Yo by Shinobu Konmoto for You

Do you remember when you last purchased a yo-yo? You definitely wouldn’t remember how much you paid for it because it must have been an insignificant amount. Not anymore. In these days of world’s most expensive you should be prepared to be surprised by the price of any item even if it is a yo-yo. A couple of years ago there was a buzz in the market when someone was selling yo-yos for $460. It was, no doubt a nice yo-yo but at that price it was definitely not value for money.

But now Shinobu Konmoto, the world champion of yo-yo  has launched the Nostalgia brand of yo-yos that he has priced around , hold your breath, $5,000 or   ¥400,000. He has named the brand Nostalgia because he must be having the grown up as his target who are nostalgic about their childhood when they were crazy about  their yo-yo.

The Nostalgia yo-yo are hand crafted by Shinobu himself hence they take time in being completed.  Even if you decide to blow up $5,000 on a yo-yo and order one you might actually receive after six months. Though the fact remains that just having a yo-yo made by Shinobu would not make you a world champion. So in case you place an order, you must use the interim six months in honing your skill at yo-yoing.

Via: ohgizmo, item.rakuten

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