Hublot Launches as an Exclusive Platform for its Customers

Hublot has always strived to maintain its exclusive identity. Following the same line they have launched a venture on the web as well. is sure to make owners of exclusive Hublot timepieces feel even more exclusive. It will operate as a platform which offers an extensive range of services and privileged access to the brand for Hublot timepiece owners. At the same time it will also operate as a system for protecting and authenticating watches.

This is the first of its kind system in the watch industry. Hublot was the first to develop the unique new electronic identification system for its watches, using the “Hublotista” chip card and reader. Only owners of Hublot watches will be able to access With the help of the reader and the card one can check the authenticity and the number online of a Hublot watch.

Hublot offers international warranty system to its customers that gets activated at the time of purchase. Now with the in place the owners who are registered on the site can participate in discussions, receive and exchange exclusive information and advice and have a privileged access to all aspects of the brand and its activities throughout the world.

Via: journal.hautehorlogerie

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