My Private Coffret Cointreau by Dita Von Teese, Elegant, Feminine and Sensual

Dita Von Teese, the queen of Burlesque, has created a special box set. The launch has been timed well to coincide with the holiday season. We will talk about its usefulness, its style and looks but the most important thing about the new creation is that it makes for a perfect exclusive gift for women. It is a charming box set but is being offered in limited edition and its distribution is also limited as it will be retailed from a single outlet in Italy.

There is a bottle of Cointreau in the box. There are two cocktail glasses and a cobbler pink shaker completes the set. The casket is pearl powder pink that makes the package very feminine. There is a hidden compartment in the box to keep something valuable. The inside has been done up with soft silky fabric. A gold key to lock the box completes the picture of luxury and exclusivity. The box reminds you of a sophisticated Parisian Boudoir. It has the perfect blend of modern and the glamour of the 1950s.

My Private Coffret Cointreau adds a touch of mystery to the art of making a cocktail. The box is so beautiful that it can be used, rather reused as packaging or for carrying jewelry. The box created by Dita Von Teese is not only elegant but is deeply feminine and sensual.


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