Sailing Yacht that is Visually Appealing and Dynamic in Performance

Yacht is synonymous with fun and luxury and designers have worked over time to come up with designs that pleasantly surprise you every time at regular intervals. Even if they are not bigger every time they are definitely better and always promise a unique sailing experience. The engineering, the technology, the style and luxury have all moved forward over time and we have seen stunning designs with outstanding performance.

Andrew Mooney has designed a 40 foot sailing yacht that combines innovative aesthetical engineering and structural expertise with the whole range of luxury alternatives that can meet all range of user’s expectations. The exterior design or the shape of the yacht has both traditional as well as contemporary elements and gives it an aggressive look. Modern engineering has been harnessed well to ensure excellent overall functionality and a unique sailing experience.

The yacht has not come off the drawing board and into the ship yard. The design is an outcome of extensive research which has culminated into various refinements that has enhanced both its looks and performance. The effort, no doubt has been worth it as the result has been a yacht that is visually appealing and is dynamic in performance.

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