Pils Bauhaus Shaving Set Brings Back the Old-school Shaving Method

No man can ever stay without shaving for a couple of days straight. The stubble may look good for a few hours, but when it grows back in a thorny manner alter, it is not only unsightly but looks pretty filthy. There is nothing “macho” about beards and it is always great to have a man with a clean shaven look.

If you are a man yourself, and are quite addicted to the old fashioned style of shaving off the beard, you should try and check out the old-school Pils Bauhaus. The full shaving set includes a double-edge razor, stand, and a bowl filled with Pils Bauhaus shaving soap and the kit costs $650.

It has a vintage look to it, but the light reflecting stainless steel makes it look quite modern and contemporary. You should not really be thinking if you should get it or not. The set is made from satin-finished stainless steel and high mountain silver-top badger hair. It is manufactured in a factory in Germany, and you could imagine yourself to be in one of the bunkers every time you go for a shave. It may make you feel more macho to use the old fashioned set than the new and tasteless ones.

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