Bansky’s “Stop Bird” Artwork Generates $75,000 at Christie For a Good Cause

What could the bird in the picture be asking you to stop? Firstly, you might think it is a vague traffic sign in a remote English speaking country but when you look at it for a longer time, you would realize that the little birdie may be asking you to stop something more sinister. The work made of painted enamel on aluminium was created by artist Bansky.

It was sold at the Christie’s Post-War and Contemporary Art Day auction for $75,000. Artist Bansky had donated this piece of art for a greater cause. He uses common materials and turns them into a work of art. He is known for his restoration style of art. The proceedings from the sale would go towards the restoration fund of the Defensetration in San Francisco.

If you asked me, the bird seems to be asking people to STOP THE WAR. The artist himself has spoken against war many a times, and considering it was sold at a Christie’s Post-War and Contemporary Art Day auction, it makes me all the more convinced about its anti-war stance. Would you think it could also be asking you to stop the degradation of the environment? In fact, man has to stop a lot of things for the comfort of others and himself.

Via: Hype Beast/Arrested Motion

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