SCOTTEVEST Fleece Jacket Brings Out the Dirty Secret of Airline Companies

Here is a story how a fashion apparel company doles out a jacket that can practically put all your gadgets in the garb of pockets inside and an airline company refuses to advertise it because it might eat into its major source of revenue-baggage charges. Hailed as SCOTTEVEST Travel clothing, the fleece jacket has 24 pockets that helps one stay organized and protect essentials and also avoid fees for extra bags. As the makers were advertising their product across different magazines, The New York Times published a story that how airline companies are raking in huge sums of money from baggage fees.

Before this news could reach people, the makers were already presented with an oppurutnity to advertise n November issue of Delta Sky Magazine. After NY Times spilled the beans, their ad was rejected even though SCOTTEVEST offered to change its headline from “Beat the system” to “Travel the World in Style & Leave Your Baggage Behind.”

The airline company did not like the ad campaign which read “SCOTTEVEST Travel Clothing Has Specialized Pockets to Help You Stay Organized & Avoid Extra Baggage Fees” – particularly the “Avoid Extra Baggage Fees.” From the point of view of the airline company and also evidenced by the NY Times story, this advertisement would actually cut down on their major source of revenue. Obviously SCOTTEVEST head honcho is very angry and he is doing every bit to spread the word about how an airline company censored advertisement which could actually help the travelers same money.


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