Dalmore Trinitas Whiskey Sells for 100,000 Pounds

We have spoken about bottles of champagne and cognac that cost several thousands of dollars. However, whiskeys are somehow not seen as luxury drinks though there are several bottles which are vintage, and cost a lot of money. This time around, the Dalmore Trinitas sold for a record price of 100,000 Pounds, which is almost unbelievable.

The last I read something about a whiskey being sold for $10,000, I had felt it was way too much! Dalmore’s Trinitas are 64 years old, and only 3 bottles were manufactured. One sold in the U.K and the other in the U.S.A.

There is one more bottle left, and if you have a spare 100,000 Ponds lying with you, you could go ahead and get the 64-year old whisky from the distillery’s unsurpassed old stock. I am sure, this is one bottle that you would not open and drink, for you would want to keep it for many more years and try to sell it off to another whiskey connoisseur who could probably pay you more than a million dollars, a few years from now. In fact, the Dalmore Trinitas could make for a great investment plan.

Via: Luxist/Independant

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