House of Raro Launches Exquisite Amethyst and Opal Barware By David Redman

There can’t be any invites to guests without a propah set of barware, designed to showcase your aesthetic tastes. Thus, most people who have guests often make it a point to buy glassware, or barware that are chic, and luxurious. Celebrations Extravaganza has been launched by the House of Raro, which is the latest crystal barware edition by David Redman. You could showcase all those fine and exotic finest wines, brandy, Scotch whisky and Gin in luxurious pieces of barware that are unique in themselves. There are two sets that might interest you.

The Amethyst is a classic statement piece which comes with a scotch decanter, one whisky tumbler, one old fashioned whisky glass, two vodka shot glasses, sterling silver cocktail sticks; handmade sterling silver vodka shot glass and olive bowl with signature ribbed base.

The Opal is yet another set which boasts of white crystal Champagne Flute that comes with vertical cuttings. A Scotch whisky decanter, 2 tumblers, handmade sterling silver vodka shot and olive bowl are what the set entails. They would be priced between Rs.2,00,000 ($4,550) and Rs.2,50,000 ($5,670). You could get more information from the company themselves.

What you actually could do is, get one of these sets and use them for a special occassion. For instance, the time when you want to get to the top, and need to get the boss in your kitty!

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