Rent the Entire Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Tokyo for $670,000 a Night

We have covered really ridiculous hotel offerings all this while but I have a feeling, this tops the list. A luxurious hotel in Tokyo, the Mandarin Oriental Hotel is going to let you rent all its facilities, rooms and in fact the entire premises for just one night at a whopping cost of $670,000. Who in their sane mind would even spend so much of money for just one night, unless he/she is a drug lord or rather a filthy rich politician?

Now, there are many rich people who would actually want to hire the most expensive hotel offering on list, but this we feel, goes a little way too far. Nevertheless, when you pay the cool $670,000, you could expect to enjoy the posh Presidential Suite, its nine restaurants, cocktail bars, spa, fitness centre and Grand Ballroom all for yourself. Of course, you would also get to sleep in 157 guest rooms, and 21 Suites.

The package would be available till the 30th of November, 2011. This could be a great way to commit suicide if you are rich and lonely. We have seen many rich folks blowing their heads off at expensive hotels and the Hong Kong-based Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group’s property in Tokyo could just be the new hot spot! Of course, we strictly do not encourage harming oneself or others. So, don’t do it.

Via: Wall Street Journal

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